The Last Mile Manufacturing Experts

For over 25 years, Extron has partnered with its clients to provide cutting-edge supply chain solutions designed to improve flexibility, reduce cost, and reduce risk. We specialize in the emerging field of last-mile manufacturing, plus order fulfillment solutions, returns-management solutions, and demo-loaner solutions.

  • Last mile manufacturing solutions allow manufacturers to postpone the installation and integration of critical, IP-sensitive or volume-sensitive components until late in the supply chain – thus improving flexibility and adaptability to demand, reducing IP risk to overseas theft, reducing inventory and operations costs, and improving speed to market.

  • Global order fulfillment solutions can be coupled with last mile manufacturing solutions, where key integration and configuration steps can be performed immediately before the fulfillment stage.

  • Returns management solutions allow a company to maximize the value of returned product quickly, by refurbishing it and getting it back into inventory “like new” often within 24 hours.

  • Demo-loaner solutions enhance a company’s sales strategy by allowing a “try before you buy” option. Running these complex, logistics-intensive programs is difficult – but Extron makes it easy.

All of these areas represent outsourced solutions that today’s manufacturers desperately need – particularly those with long Asia-centric supply chains. We specialize in technology products, but have the infrastructure and capability to provide solutions in a very wide range of industries.