Global Distribution Centers

Intelligent Globalization™

Extron solutions feature our Logistics and Transportation solutions, which provide highly efficient movement of your product from our global distribution centers to your customer.  With over $2B in products shipped annually, our transportation costs are highly competitive.  We can leverage global distribution centers, and our Advanced Global Fulfillment Capabilities to help your product scale effortlessly on the global stage.
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With locations in Silicon Valley, the Netherlands, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney, Extron can help your product scale quickly with Intelligent Globalization solutions.


Extron's integrated Fulfillment services deliver benefits that are of particular interest to companies that wish to grow globally:
  • Worldwide Locations

    We ship over $2B in product annually for top OEM's.

  • Global Experience

    Give your product the ability to be sold anywhere

  • Support Any Operations Scenario

    U.S. Based, or Internationally Based

  • 24/7 Visibility

    Track Inventories, Orders, Production, and Shipments in real time

Advanced Global Distribution Capabilities

  • Importer of Record
  • International Paperwork
  • Compliance
  • Customs
  • Duties and Taxes
  • Entity Structuring
  • Denied Party Screening
  • Aggressive Freight Rates
  • Automated Systems

Featured Locations

Milpitas, CA

Extron Milpitas (HQ) is our world headquarters location, strategically located in the Silicon Valley marketplace. Extron’s 120,000 sq. ft., ISO 13485:2016 & 9001:2015 Certified facility and two additional locations in Silicon Valley serve early stage companies as well as numerous Fortune 100 companies, providing on-demand services in close proximity to distribution channels, helping its clients reduce manufacturing cost, maintain control of IP, respond faster, and reduce risk.

Almere / Amsterdam

Extron Netherlands / BBL has a ultra modern operations center and warehouse in Almere centrally located near Amsterdam along the A6 highway. This well-protected location, with a capacity of more than 15,000 pallets, is equipped with all essential and mechanized equipment that is needed to execute highly complex logistic services.

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