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Configure-to-Order Services

The Offshore Problem

If you are doing configure-to-order services overseas, your order minimums are likely larger. A larger share of capital is tied up in finished goods inventory that fills a long supply chain, and it leaves you less responsive to shifts in demand.
Extron Configure-to-Order Services Helps Reduce Reliance onf Overseas Shipping

Extron's Solution

Extron's unique Last Mile Manufacturing® approach allows you to postpone final configuration of version-specific components and software and configure it, just prior to shipment.  This minimizes finished goods inventory and improves flexibility to changing customer demands.

Extron Configure-to-Order Services

Configure-to-Order Service: Key Features

  • Flexible Options

    Configure and Configure-to-Order, Full System, or Select Components

  • Software/Firmware Configuration

    Full Configuration and Test Capability

  • 24/7 Visibility

    Track Inventories, Orders, Production, and Shipments in real time


Extron's Configure-to-Order Services allow you to respond more quickly to customer demand, and minimizes capital that is tied up in finished goods inventory.  It also protects your valuable IP by adding proprietary firmware and customer-requested configurations closer to the point of delivery, which also helps you firewall your customer relationships from overseas competition.


  • Cost Reductions
  • Inventory Reductions


  • Flexibility
  • Responsiveness


  • Experience
  • Capacity


  • Minimize Interruptions
  • Protect IP

Configure-to-Order Client Work

As part of our Contract Manufacturing Services for Electronics and Medical Devices, we do final Configuration work for leading technology companies, giving them the flexibility and efficiency they need to succeed globally.  Contact Us Today to get a conversation started!


EV Charging Stations



Wireless WAN Device

Extron Customer



WLAN Appliances

Extreme Networks


Wireless Smart Detector

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Hear what our customers have to say.

Extremely Responsive and Flexible

Extron has been extremely responsive and flexible to our expanding product portfolio and demanding customer delivery requirements
VP Operations, Meru Networks

Key Element to Our Success

Our significantly increased demand was met by Extron and exceeded even our expectations. The responsiveness and attention to detail of your team members were key elements to our success
Program Manager, Motorola

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