Order Fulfillment Services

Technology/OEM fulfillment solutions.

Outsourcing order fulfillment allows you to finalize your product to every order at the latest possible moment, minimizing finished inventory and maximizing flexibility. Extron configures and fulfills our clients’ products with everything needed, from electro-mechanical assembly (box build) and retail pack out (RF sealing, shrink-wrap, clamshells, etc.) to custom labeling, and more. All of this is overseen by a skilled quality control management staff that ensures that you are delivering the highest quality product to the customer.
  • Configuration

    Pre-shipping configuration, power supply configuration, custom kitting, promotional packs, and more See Extron's Integration & Configuration services...

  • Custom Packaging

    Retail/Wholesale/OEM hardware/software pack out: retail box, RF sealing clamshell packaging, blister pack, shrink wrap, etc.

  • Technology product fulfillment

    Serial number / MAC ID capture

  • Retail fulfillment

    eCommerce integration with all platforms See Extron's Retail Fulfillment solutions...

  • Integrated warehouse solutions

    Scan-based order/inventory tracking

  • Transportation Solutions

    Global reach and cost structure. Deliver anywhere in the world at a competitive price.

  • 24/7 web-based management and reporting


Advanced Fulfillment Capabilities

Importer of Record
International Paperwork
Duties and Taxes
Denied Party Screening
Aggressive Freight Rates
Automated Systems

Order fulfillment solutions from Extron

A key part of Extron's Last Mile Manufacturing solution set. Reduce costs and inventory, improve flexibility and responsiveness, and integrate with last-minute configuration services.

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Retail Fulfillment solutions:
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Integrated configuration

Extron offers full configuration services as part of its overall Last Mile Manufacturing strategic approach to supply chain solutions. This allows you to move the final configuration to the last possible moment, just as the product is being ordered -- reducing inventory and costs, while improving flexibility and responsiveness. See Extron's Configuration services...


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