Demo-Loan Program Management

Improve Sales with a Turn-key Try-Before-You-Buy Solution.

Demo loan (try-before-you-buy) programs are often one of the best ways to convince customers of a product's effectiveness -- particularly with expensive products.

Extron’s industry-leading, turn-key demo-loan management solution takes the headache out of deploying and retrieving field demo products. Each solution is customized to suit your needs, and is supported by Extron's world-class manufacturing, logistics, and distribution infrastructure.

The net result is that your demo products get into your customers hands faster, more cost-effectively, and more reliably. And you get them back and readied for the next demo faster and more economically.

Demo/Eval as a Strategic Sales Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Are your sales people working remotely
or finding it difficult to access customer locations during the pandemic?
Are you doing fewer tradeshows where customers could otherwise test drive your product?

Are your customers asking you for a test-drive first?

Product trial programs can be difficult to manage on your own.  There are significant logistical and operational challenges – loss of demo equipment, monitoring problems, inadequately tested equipment, delayed delivery or mismanaged returns, etc. It can lead to cost issues, and worse, if not managed properly, it can even negatively influence the potential sale of the product. Further, the time your Field Engineers spend managing demo equipment is time they could be in front of customers. Let Extron's experienced demo-loan solutions team handle your program effectively and efficiently.

  • Contact center: demo unit ordering and retrieval

    Single point of contact for every constituent's needs -- sales teams, technical teams, or end-customers. Shipping labels for easy return from field deployment.

  • Returned-unit receiving and evaluation

    Receiving, item verification, diagnostic testing

  • Refurbishment, repair, and upgrades

    Demo unit refurbishment and software/firmware updating

  • Return to storage

    Demo units ready for next opportunity

  • Round-trip logistics and transportation

    Global reach at highly competitive shipping rates

  • 24/7 web-based demo unit tracking and reporting

Demo-Loan Program Types:

  • Demonstration Unit Program
  • Evaluation Unit Program
  • Proof-of-Concept (POC) Unit Management
  • Try-Before-You-Buy Program
  • Field Asset Management
  • Trade-Show Asset Management
  • Field Sales Equipment Solution

Powerful EFS4 Architecture

Reduce equipment losses by up to 80%
Minimize field asset downtime
Keep demo pool refurbished
Simplify logistics
Simplify Workload for Field Sales Engineers
Integrates with CRM/ERP

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