Single Integrated Platform

24/7 Online Visibility

We have invested in integrated IT solutions that give you better access and visibility into the status of inventory, production, and location of product.  We're able to customize to suit your needs, and provide a range of interoperability to make integration with your systems easy.

Control & Visibility Advantages

24/7 single integrated platform visibility can boost your responsiveness to market demand.

  • Integrated IT Solutions

    Our systems work end-to-end to mirror our service offerings

  • Online Access & Visibility

    - Inventory
    - Configuration & Status of Shipments
    - Receiving of Materials
    - Customer Returns Portal
    - Shipment Tracking
    - Post-Warranty Services

  • Materials Planning & Availability

    Global Sourcing and Tracking of Materials

  • Robust Interface Options

    - EDI and Other Interfaces (XML, Flat File, etc.)
    - Customization (on-and off-shore)


Hear what our customers have to say.

Better Visibility into Product Issues

Working with Extron...allowed us better visibility into the extent of the problems causing returns, and to be able to re-engineer the product more rapidly.
Extron customer

Key Elements to Our Success

Our significantly increased demand was met by Extron and exceeded even our expectations. The responsiveness and attention to detail of your team members were key elements to our success.
Program Manager