Manufacturing Consultants:
Partner with Extron

A Win-Win for You and Your Clients

Build your business by improving the potential for new product success, optimizing supply chain design, participating in implementation, and adding new tools to your toolbox.
End-to-End Supply Chain Services from Extron

Benefits for Manufacturing Consultants

Boost your business by partnering with Extron - - Your Operations and Supply Chain Partner

  • Improve Potential for New Product Success

    Partner with us as a Resource for Design for Manufacturingj, New Product Development, Proof of Concept, Scale-Up, Supply Chain Design

  • Bring Your Clients a New Approach to Supply Chain Design

    Partner with us to implement Last Mile Manufacturing solutions

  • Sell Implementation Services

    Participate in setup and onboarding activities, ongoing management and oversignt, and on expansion of services from manufacturing to returns to demo-loaner programs.

  • Add New Tools to Your Toolbox

    Get trained on all of our cutting edge tools: Supply Chain Thought Leadership, Access to Content, and Web Tools