Returns Management Services

Convert Your Returns Into Profits, Faster, with Extron's Reverse Supply Chain Solutions

If you're like most companies, returned products are a profit drain (and a headache) -- part of a $100 billion hit to companies nationwide. Most distribution networks are not set up to manage product that comes back from the field. Boxes of returns wind up on warehouse shelves taking up valuable space, depreciating quickly, and challenging your operation’s efficiency.

Extron's world-class returns management services will get your returns refurbished and back into the supply chain fast, by dealing with the returns process in a logical and efficient manner.

Our skilled staff has experience refurbishing a vast array of products in minimal time and gets them back into the field, tested and up to our clients’ cosmetic standard (including “like new”), often within 24 hours or less. Capabilities include:
  • Product replacement options

    Advance-replacement or replace-upon-receipt, per your returns policy

  • Returned-unit receiving and evaluation

    Receiving, RMA verification, warranty assessment, diagnostic testing

  • Detrash / destruction

    Legally compliant disposal (WEEE and SB2050) of refuse packaging materials, broken parts

  • Refurbishment: repair / repackage

    Software / firmware upgrades

  • Warehousing and distribution

  • 24/7 web-based management and reporting

Is it really broken?

Did you know that, depending on the type of product, between 30% and 70% of items that are returned have no actual trouble found? Many times this results from the purchaser not following instructions, user errors, confusion, etc. Let Extron help you get this product back into inventory faster and with less headache.


Extron is trusted by leading manufacturers for its returns management solutions and reverse logistics solutions that provide scale, efficiency and speed. Our systems take the headache out of dealing with inbound product, particularly product that has been opened and, in many cases, used. Our entire mission is focused on helping you minimize returned inventory, and turn it back into cash fast.

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