KNURR chasseleon® bench cases

Design your next benchtop electronics into Knurr Chasseleon® cases.

Knürr Chasseleon® is a line of modular cases and chassis for bench-top electronics of all kinds. As with the entire Knurr line of fnely-crafted enclosures, they are extremely durable, modular for high configurability, available in a range of sizes, offer superb protection for your investment in electronics, and contain numerous features that improve efficiency and functionality.

Chasseleon bench case or 19" chassis offer flexible application using simple convention without complex assembly operations. The enclosure construction comprises 2 aluminum side extrusions with mounting holes and T-slots, and 4 aluminum cross extrusions. Standard features also include sheet-steel covers and die-cast aluminum extrusion covers.

A wide range of variations and expansion options equips the Chasseleon enclosure to cope with all requirements. All Chasseleon products are in accordance with IEC297-3/4.

Minimum quantity 25 on new customized designs.

  • Flexible deployment

    Clean design, with easy assembly, for designs requiring a bench case or 19″ chassis.

  • Thermal management

    Diagonal vent slots in bottom cover and rear panel, Horizontal vent slots in depth extrusions and rear panel, Vertical vent slots in bottom cover, top cover, and rear panel.

  • Easy access

    Chassis runner on 19″ variants. Available telescopic slides in 19″ rack or case

  • Stackable

    Stack two or more cases using a link-up.

  • Easy access

    Chassis runner on 19″ variants. Available telescopic slides in 19″ rack or case


Technical Data

  • Extruded-aluminium construction comprising cross extrusions
    and depth extrusions
  • Top and bottom covers, 0.75 mm sheet steel, zinc passivated
  • Rear panel, 2 mm sheet aluminium
  • Handles and adaptors,die-cast aluminium

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