Retail Product Fulfillment Solutions

Increase Efficiency and Flexibility with Retail Fulfillment Services from Extron

Respond with greater agility to the fulfillment demands of an ever-changing marketplace with Extron's retail fulfillment solutions.

The retail marketplace is steadily becoming more competitive - putting pressure on manufacturers to move closer to mass customization in order to satisfy the marketplace. Extron's retail fulfillment solutions allow you to configure and fulfill your retail products as orders arrive -- from last-mile configuration, to retailer-specific packaging, to custom labeling, and more - - Extron's retail fulfillment solutions can do it all. And you get 24/7 online visibility into the entire process.

  • Order management

    Ability to integrate with all e-commerce platforms and EDI systems

  • Just-in-time configuration

    Pre-shipping configuration, power supply configuration, custom kitting, promotional packs, and more

  • Custom Labeling / Custom Packaging

    Custom labeling, retail box, RF sealing clamshell packaging, blister pack, shrink wrap, etc.

  • Technology product fulfillment

    Serial number / MAC ID capture

  • Integrated warehouse solutions

    Scan-based order/inventory tracking

  • Transportation Solutions

    Forward logistics and retail logistics services. Freight management and tracking. Routing guide management, with global reach and cost structure. Deliver anywhere in the world at a competitive price.

  • 24/7 web-based management and reporting

Integrated configuration

Extron offers full configuration services as part of its overall Last Mile Manufacturing strategic approach to supply chain solutions. This allows you to move the final configuration to the last possible moment, just as the product is being ordered -- reducing inventory and costs, while improving flexibility and responsiveness.
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