Extron Completes First Full Year of New Post Warranty Repair Solution


Extron Inc. a leading high-tech manufacturer based in Milpitas, CA announced that it recently marked the first full year of the company’s new Post-Warranty Repair offering. The company officially launched its post-warranty repair solution in late Q1 of 2014, as an extension of its successful returns-management business.

Since launching the service offering a year ago, numerous companies, including a leading robotic vacuum manufacturer, have turned to Extron to handle this important area of service.

Extron CEO Sandeep Duggal stated “We’re very excited about the continued growth of this new service offering. Post-warranty repair is something that many companies are unsure of how to handle, but it’s an extremely important part of the customer experience. Many products, particularly well-built expensive products, have minor parts that experience wear and tear. When those parts fail post-warranty, you want to have a well-designed solution for how to help the consumer keep their product running, or you risk losing that customer. Extron’s post-warranty repair solution helps keep that customer experience healthy and strong, well past the warranty expiration date.”

Extron builds a consumer post-warranty repair portal for each client company, so that the client’s customers can go online and start the post-warranty repair process easily. Extron facilitates shipment of the product to Extron’s facility in Milpitas, CA, performs a full diagnosis, informs the customer of options and costs to repair the unit, performs the repair work, and delivers the refurbished product back to the consumer.

Sandeep Duggal went on to state “We are also able to gather an incredible wealth of data for our clients on what parts are wearing out post-warranty. This helps them improve their product faster and more reliably – a critical factor in being more competitive on a number of fronts.”

About Extron, Inc.
Extron, Inc., is a leading services provider to high-tech manufacturers in the aerospace, defense, technology, communications, medical, and automotive sectors. Extron offers on-demand product configuration, integration, returns management, and order fulfillment, all in close proximity to the distribution channels, helping its clients reduce manufacturing cost, maintain control of IP, respond faster, and reduce risk. Extron’s 120,000 sq. ft. facility is located in Milpitas, CA. For more information, visit https://extroninc.com

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