Supply Chain Optimization

Reduce costs, increase flexibility, speed, and responsiveness.

When you partner with Extron, you benefit from years of experience in the supply chain space. We build custom solutions that fit your operational goals exactly.

Decades of experience

When it is time to evaluate your company’s supply chain, its strengths and weaknesses, and explore possible solutions and/or enhancements, Extron is the place to start. Extron’s Supply Chain Optimization team, drawing on decades of experience, can help you restructure your operation to maximize efficiency, speed, and flexibility, and to avoid risk. We specialize in last-mile interventions that adjust for over-offshored Asia-based supply chains.

Custom solutions

Because every business is unique our staff will tailor the systems they offer to fit your specific needs, not offer up a pre-packaged “cookie cutter” approach.

Optimize Your
Supply Chain

Let Extron's Suply Chain Optimization team help you reduce costs, increase reliability, flexibility and speed, and improve customer satisfaction -- easily and quickly.

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