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Medical devices are in huge demand today as a result of the pandemic, plus an increased focus on healthcare, and general wellness. Modern technology advancing at a rapid pace also has given rise to an increased focus on finding manufacturing partners that can help bring these products to market.   So, Medical device contract manufacturing Benefits is one of the most trending topics in the health and wellness industry. First, let's explore the topic of Medical Device Contract Manufacturing.

What Is Medical Device Contract Manufacturing?

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing is the outsourced manufacture of a wide range of physical products within the health and wellness industry. Medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) often outsource many supply chain functions, including component sourcing, assembly, testing, warehousing, and distribution.  They benefit from an experienced supply chain partner with a range of capabilities which permit them to source, produce, and deliver products efficiently.

Medical device contract manufacturing includes a wide range of services:

  • Component sourcing
  • Assembly and testing
  • Packaging for shipment
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Reverse logistics / returns management

Speed to market:

Medical device speed to market is a key reason many OEM’s turn to contract medical device manufacturing partners like Extron Inc.  Particularly with new products, which need to be highly responsive to new sales opportunities, a nimble medical device contract manufacturing partner is essential.  A strong contract medical device manufacturing partner can also respond quickly to changes in product design.

Extron Inc., is an example of a strong medical device contract manufacturing partner.  The business offers the full range of medical device contract manufacturing capabilities under one roof, and includes a novel approach to supply chain design called Last Mile Manufacturing®, which further improves efficiency, speed to market, flexibility, and protection of intellectual property.

Directed services:

A critical part of medical device contract manufacturing involves offering directed services which include Quality Management System, ISO Certified Clean Rooms, Sterilization Validation, Packaging, Kitting, and Testing.

Lean Manufacturing:

Companies like Extron Inc who utilize highly flexible Lean Manufacturing approaches can provide key advantage for their customers who wish to produce medical devices:

  • Yield Improvement
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Quality
  • Reduced WIP (Work in Progress)
  • Fast ramp-up and ability to implement product changes
  • Faster response to changes in customer demand

Let's now discuss the top Medical device contract manufacturing Benefits.

Quality Assurance

Medical device contract manufacturing requires advanced Quality Assurance processes, and compliance with standards and guidelines is vital.

  • Ensuring that production quality standards are met
  • Functional testing and certification
  • Item and lot tracking
  • Cost-efficiency gains – Setting up and managing in-house medical device manufacturing can be prohibitively expensive, particularly if the demand for a product is not well understood, such as with a new product. Developing and operating such facilities require a substantial investment that limits your ability to allocate resources to other aspects of your business. Using a contract manufacturer of medical devices is a often a more cost-efficient way to develop and produce them, particularly for new products entering the marketplace.
  • Advanced technology – when you hire a medical device manufacturer to source, assemble, test, and distribute your medical device, you have access to the very best technology available. Using this strategy eliminates the need to build an operation in-house.
  • End-to-end service – working with a contract manufacturer of medical devices that provides a seamless end-to-end service can allow you to focus on other areas of the business. Extron Inc, as a Medical device manufacturing partner, provides a full range of services, from sourcing, to assembly and software integration, to testing and certification, lot tracking, warehousing, logistics, and distribution – a a one-stop medical supply source.
  • Increased capacity – fluctuating market demand can put pressure on supply and in-house manufacturing. You need the ability to quickly scale up if demand is strong, and also the ability to be flexible if demand falls off, or changes to a different product mix. Solid contract medical device manufacturers  have the ability to handle changes in order sizes and types, and respond to customer-driven feedback that often leads to design modifications.  They also offer the ability to inventory parts and raw materials so that you can react quickly and efficiently to spikes in demand.
  • Improved product quality – outsourcing your medical device manufacturing and assembly to a contract manufacturer will allow you to take advantage of specialized expertise and advanced technologies. The ability to adhere to multiple standards gives you a clear advantage in today's global marketplace.
  • Quick resolution to issues – Product issues do occur, but what makes a company stand out is how it handles these issues. Having a contract medical device manufacturer like Extron Inc with extensive experience will ensure that issue resolution will be handledin a timely and efficient manner, without sacrificing schedules or profits.


If you are looking for a partner for Medical device contract manufacturing , give Extron Inc a look.  This leader in Last Mile Manufacturing has a proven track record supporting the operations needs of a wide range of highly discerning medical device industry leaders.  For more information, visit


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