Racks & Enclosures, Electronics Carts, and Control Station Consoles from Knurr.
Recognized worldwide as the best.

Protect your investment in electronics with Knurr's industry-leading electronics enclosures, including network equipment racks and custom enclosures, mobile electronics carts, and control station consoles.

They are unsurpassed for their ergonomic design, high quality materials, and world-class construction.

Knurr network equipment racks and custom enclosures

Protect your investment in electronics with Knurr's industry-leading network equipment racks, custom 19" enclosures, compact 19" enclosures, 19" wall-mount enlosures, and bench electronics cases.  All feature superior engineering, durable construction, ingenious cable routing, and superior airflow and stability. 

Knurr mobile electronics carts

Your sensitive mobile electronics deserve a world-class carrier built to protect them from the demands of the workplace.  Knurr mobile electronics carts can be custom-designed from any of three platforms, each capable of limitless configurations, and complete with a massive catalog of attachments and components.

Knurr control station consoles

Knurr control station consoles can be found worldwide in aerospace, defense, transportation, process control, security, healthcare, and technical environments where ergonomics and operator attentiveness and efficiency is essential.  The various Knurr products here can be configured to meet any need, and feature world class engineering and design, ingenious cable routing, modular components, and durable materials.

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