Field Asset Maintenance

Efficient, cost-effective depot repair and depot maintenance of your mission-critical field operations electronics.

Extron's Depot Repair and Depot Maintenance can help you maintain long lifespan and high-utilization of field-deployed electronics. Extron's capabilities can help you keep these mission-critical system components functioning at peak performance, and efficiently deal with system maintenance , repair, upgrading, or rebuilding as necessary.

As a leader in returns management, Extron already has extensive experience in receiving, diagnosing, repairing, refurbishing, upgrading, and reintroducing equipment back into your operation.

Depot Maintenance and Depot Repair Capabilities:
  • Contact center / receiving

    A single point of contact for all your needs. Shipping labels for easy return from field locations.

  • Returned-unit receiving and evaluation

    Receiving, item verification, diagnostic testing

  • Detrash / destruction

    Legally compliant disposal (WEEE and SB2050) of refuse packaging materials, broken parts

  • Refurbishment: repair / repackage

    Software / firmware upgrades

  • Storing or returning your equipment

  • 24/7 web-based management and reporting


Extron is trusted by leading manufacturers for its returns management solutions and reverse logistics solutions that provide scale, efficiency and speed. Our systems take the headache out of dealing with inbound product, particularly product that has been opened and, in many cases, used. Our entire mission is focused on helping you minimize returned inventory, and turn it back into cash fast.

Depot Repair & Depot Maintenance Solutions

Let Extron manage the maintenance of field electronics used by sales, site technicians, and technical sales teams.

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