We adapt to your needs (not the other way around).

When you outsource your operations activities to Extron, you get to pick and choose exactly which solutions you need. Unlike massive contract manufacturers, we don't put our clients in a box and force them to adapt to a specific way of doing business. That means as you grow, we'll adapt to your changing needs.  That's the Extron Advantage that so many winning companies enjoy.

Many companies come to us because we offer tailored solutions that bring specific areas of expertise needed by their product strategy. Below are some highlights of the Extron Advantage.

  • Flexibility

    We don't force-fit you into any specific operations model.
    Pick and choose which services you need, skip the rest.
    Individual services or Turn-Key
    Multi-vendor part procurement is OK

  • Scalability

    We allow you to scale your operational activity efficiently.
    As you grow, we adapt to your changing needs.

  • Efficiency

    Low labor-cost manufacturing with global sourcing
    Configurable-product experts

  • Global Fulfillment Experts

    Navigating the world of global fulfillment is a challenge, and Extron is an expert.
    We offer a wide range of Advanced Fulfillment Capabilities (see inset on this page).
    Many relationships start here, and add manufacturing as volume goes from low to high/complex.

  • Huge Logistics Advantages

    This area is a big headache for many companies
    Extron ships over $1 billion in product globally every year.
    Get the low freight cost structure and advantages of a large company.

  • Integrated Warehouse Solutions

    Scan-based order/inventory tracking
    24/7 Access to inventory information

  • Silicon Valley HQ

    Proximity to the world's technology center, but with a global footprint

Advanced Fulfillment Capabilities

Importer of Record
International Paperwork
Duties and Taxes
Entity Structuring
Denied Party Screening
Aggressive Freight Rates
Automated Systems
Global Distribution Centers

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