cicon Control Station Consoles

Modular, curving "see and reach" control centers.

The CiCon line of consoles consist of flexible modules that create a curving control center, for a truly "see and reach" work area.

CiCon is ideal for control rooms where the users are surrounded by data screens, or for air-traffic or transportation systems where users are surrounded by windows and need a 360-degree perspective.

CiCon also is particularly effective at creating "pods" of users due to its circular configuration strengths. Use link-ups to join unlimited numbers of modules for continuous workspaces.

  • Ideal for flowing "See and Reach" layouts
  • Spacious desk depth of 39 inches for setting up large monitors
  • Continuous worktop design
  • Planning-friendly elements with straightforward components
  • Flexible, modular design
  • S-Shape options also available
  • Ample leg space while maintaining stability
  • Simple link-up of the modules for expansion and full-room configurations
  • Wide variety of accessories and fittings to allow creation of nearly any configuration

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