EXTRON's 'last mile' supply chain services featured on kliv

  • MILPITAS, CA – (January 10, 2011) – Extron, a global supply chain management company specializing in ‘Last Mile’ Supply Chain solutions, today announced that Extron CEO, Sandeep Duggal, will be featured live on “The CEO Show” on KLIV (AM1530) at 7pm this Tuesday, January 11, 2011. Extron’s ‘Last Mile Supply Chain’ services have evolved in response to the complex supply chain needs of technology customers. These services include both forward and reverse supply chain offerings and generally are geared towards helping our customers improve their key metrics of:

    • Reduced inventory levels through postponement
    • Reduced lead time to order fulfillment
    • Reduced freight expense
    • Protecting Intellectual Property (IP)

    “Extron is in a great position to bring manufacturing and operations jobs back to the United States, specifically the Silicon Valley, a location that is most notably associated with technology design and innovation. It is this innovation that is creating hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs overseas, but now we are creating some of these jobs right here in the US and innovating in Supply Chain design,” said Sandeep Duggal, Extron’s CEO. “At a time when unemployment is at an all-time high, Extron is focused on helping local companies save money by providing an economically rational ‘last mile’ manufacturing and operations alternative that is US-based.”

    Extron’s services brings their clients’ supply chain much closer to their end-customers in time and proximity, reducing the need for excess inventory and high-cost air freight from overseas operations, among other improvements. Extron’s ‘Last Mile’ Supply Chain Services include:

    • Packaging-based configuration
    • Final Assembly, System Test and System Configuration (typically using foreign
    • and domestic components)
    • Returned Goods management
    • Demo/Loaner/Eval programs and roundtrip logistics
    • Order fulfillment

    About Extron Logistics, LLC.

    Extron is a ‘Last Mile’ Supply Chain services company and has been in business for more than 25 years. Extron supports the complex supply chain needs of technology customers through a network of global manufacturing and logistics operations. These services include both forward and reverse supply chain offerings and have been engineered to improve flexibility and reduce risk for its clients. With on-demand product configuration in close proximity to end-customers, Extron is able to reduce costs and lead-time while significantly improving inventory turns. For more information, please visit www.extroninc.com.