Extron's advanced software platform strengthens demo/eval program management

  • MILPITAS, CA – (February 16, 2010) – Extron, a global supply chain company specializing in “Last Mile” Supply Chain solutions, today announced the launch of version 4 of Extron’s multimillion dollar software platform, EFS. EFS4 further strengthens Extron’s Demo/Evaluation Program Management solution offering.

    Extron’s program promises better management of its customers’ Demo/Evaluation programs (also known as Demo/Loaner programs) and reduces asset loss by up to 80% while enhancing operational controls and improving the overall customer experience.

    “Demo/Evaluation programs are not new concepts to the consumer. These programs are used by the world‟s most successful OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to launch revolutionary products and showcase them to customers on a „try before you buy‟ basis. Despite Demo/Evaluation programs being an integral part of the sales & marketing plans of several companies, the concept is yet to be recognized as an organized sector of marketing. The biggest reason for this disconnect is that often Demo/Evaluation programs come with an inherent set of problems like asset loss, loss of program information due to salesperson mobility, demand variation and insufficient Test/Evaluation help. Generally speaking, these programs are hard to manage and pose undue burden on already stretched operations and IT departments. It is these very problems that Extron‟s platform for Demo/Evaluation management solves. We believe we can transform Demo/Evaluation programs into one of the most successful sales channels for companies launching revolutionary products that can be best „sold‟ through a positive, hands-on client experience,” said Sandeep Duggal, CEO, Extron Logistics.

    Customized Programs to Suit Client Needs

    The customized Demo/Evaluation programs offered by Extron enable increased visibility, accessibility and utilization of Demo/Evaluation products. The variable cost models available with Extron promise to increase customer satisfaction, enhance sales and ensure complete market infiltration for any organization.

    About Extron

    Extron, headquartered at Fremont, CA, has been delivering world-class supply chain solutions to its diverse client base for more than 25 years. The company provides total supply chain solutions, from orders to fulfillment. Extron’s supply chain solutions have been engineered to improve flexibility and reduce risk for its clients. With on-demand product configuration in close proximity to the distribution channels, Extron is able to reduce costs and lead-time while significantly improving inventory turns. For a whitepaper on Demo/Eval program click here.

    For more information on Extron please visit www.extroninc.com.